Warmblood Breeders Guild

For the betterment of sporthorse breeding in Counter Canter. Founded by Victoria Partridge, January 2022.


I. Eligibility
The WBG is open to all breeds of Warmblood type. This currently includes Belgian Warmbloods, Danish Warmbloods, Dutch Warmbloods, Hanoverians, Holsteiners, Irish Sport Horses, Oldenburgs, Selle Francais, Swedish Warmbloods, Trakehners, and Westphalians. This list is susceptible to change. Any member of Counter Canter may become a WBG member. Only WBG members have access to inspections and the studbook.

II. Inspections
The WBG hosts horse inspections twice per Counter Canter year. Mares, stallions, and geldings of any age of an eligible breed may be assessed. Horses will be assessed in five categories: conformation, temperament, gaits, discipline suitability, and overall impressions. A mark out of 5 will be assigned in each category, and the total score out of 25 will be converted to a percentage mark. Horses receiving 90%-100% will earn Gold Medallions, 70%-89% Silver Medallions, and 50%-69% Bronze Medallions. Horses may be reassessed, and their scores may only increase (the highest scores across all inspections will be used).

III. Studbook
Stallions who have earned Silver or Gold Medallions at WBG inspections are automatically entered into the WBG studbook. This is not meant to be a stud advertisement, but rather a mark of distinguishment on a stallion's record. Especially accomplished stallions may apply to be in the Premier studbook - further information to be announced.


Gold Stallions
Name X year old breed stallion, Stable
Silver Stallions
Bridgerton 6 year old Holsteiner stallion, Castle Bay Equestrian
Endgame 5 year old Westphalian stallion, Driftwood Park


WBG members have access to inspections and the studbook. Membership costs $250 per Counter Canter year (with a 50% discount in your first year as a member).